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What's important to us is the customer, the tattoo and the experience in our studios

GAME OVER TATTOO has always been synonymous with EXCELLENCE, we have in fact decided to take the whole tattoo experience to another level, putting our CUSTOMERS at the CENTRE.

We are currently a FAMILY of TATTOO ARTISTS who work together to give you not only a TOP LEVEL tattoo in every style,

but also to BE WITH YOU from the design to the care of the work already done.

We also come from different cultures, we have tattoo artists on staff who work in GERMANY, the UNITED STATES, JAPAN, ARGENTINA, SPAIN, ENGLAND, we speak many languages, and we know the points of view that each country associates with each type of tattoo .


Even the studios are designed for the comfort of customers, with quality beds,

very comfortable in which you can relax while getting tattooed.

Why not? WATCH a film on the TVs in every location, with NETFLIX, AMAZON PRIME AND MORE,

you will also have the possibility to use Bluetooth headphones for optimal sound.


With us you will NEVER find yourself regretting your choice, but showing off your next TATTOO with PROUD.

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